AWARD SChool 2021

National and State (VIC) Winner.

First Ever Commercial Creativity Brief 10 Winner.

“Matthew’s work consistently showed strategic thinking, simple creative and sharp arguments, it was just a very smart book overall”

- Cam Blackley, CCO @ M&C Saatchi Australia


Deliverable: A single poster

Product: Vanish NapiSan

Target audience: People who do laundry

Proposition: Effective against all stains

Mandatories: Branding - either the logo or packshot & a call to action


Deliverable: Magazine print campaign

Product: 13SICK, National Home Doctor

Target audience: Parents of young children

Proposition: When you can't get to a doctor but they can get to you

Mandatories: Branding & call to action - download the app


Deliverable: 30 second Film Ad

Product: Northern Territory Tourism

Target audience: Aussie millennials, who yearn for adventure

Proposition: More than just a big rock

Mandatories: Branding & call to action - book a trip

I love the simplicity of some of your print and your television. Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. People think it's easy but it isn't.

Damon Stapleton, CCO @ The Monkeys NZ


Deliverable: 30 second radio ad

Product: LEGO

Target audience: Parents

Proposition: Where imaginations start

Mandatories: Branding

You need to trademark “Imagination just clicks with Lego” Bill Bernbach would’ve been proud!

Jimmy Smith, CEO & CCO @ Amusement Park


Deliverable: An ambient and or experiential idea

Product: MINI Cooper S, 3-Door Hatch

Target audience: Affluent Aussies in their mid 30’s and up

Proposition: Rediscover the fun of driving

Mandatories: Branding, call to action (CTA) to book a test drive


Deliverable: A Social Idea that works on Facebook and/or Instagram


Target audience: Nonbinary people, of any age, who use fashion to express how they feel

Proposition: Dress for who you are on the inside

Mandatories: Branding, direct the consumer to shop online at THE ICONIC via their app


Deliverable: An Integrated Digital Campaign

Product: Fair Coffee

Target audience: Ethically conscious consumers of any age who love making a cup of coffee at home (and currently opt for

various pods/beans/ground coffee products).

Proposition: Change the world one coffee cup at a time

Mandatories: Branding, direct the consumer to buy coffee at & a minimum of three different digital touchpoints.


Deliverable: Direct Marketing idea across one or several touch points - solution dependant

Product: Nimble Loans

Target audience: People with low credit scores or people who need money fast

Proposition: The loan for people who seize the day

Mandatories: Branding and a call to action


Deliverable: A big idea executed across a minimum of 3 different channels that work best for your idea and audience.

It could be TVC, radio, press, live stunt, banner ad, website, app, etc.

Product: AWARD School

Target audience: Potential students for AWARD School 2022

Proposition: Discontent can be the start of something great

Mandatories: Branding and a call to action. Applications close 24 February 2022



Deliverable: Come up with a product, business or entrepreneurial idea

When your idea is about preserving the time-honored sanctity of reading books, especially for today’s device imprisoned generation of children, you’re doing more than launching a business. You’re looking to change the world for the better.

Nathan Lennon, Co-founder of Hawke's Brewing Co.

Matthew has succeeded in reinventing the book.

Paul Taylor, Founder of A Glass Of